Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hitting the Wall(s)

I don't know where to start with this post. So many things have happened at the house since we closed. It's constant chaos, a total mess.

Only one thing is for certain - I smile every time I walk in.

Yes, I smile. I smile through the chaos. I smile although it's a total mess and there are tools everywhere. I smile even though we currently cannot use any of the plumbing fixtures upstairs due to various stages of renovation in both kitchen & bathroom.

I smile because it's ours.

So, on to the projects! We've been highlighting them on our Facebook pages, but here we can go into a bit more detail about what we did in each room.

This is the easiest place to start because of the relative "done-ness" of the walls. As you might recall from the last post, there was wallpaper. A lot of wallpaper. Every room in the house had been papered multiple times over the years. Even the closets are papered. Seriously....the closets for Pete's sake!

Here's a groovy before picture for your viewing pleasure:
This is what we lovingly called "The Jungle Room" before the youngest decided it was to be his.

Now, that's a lot of wallpaper. A lot of wallpaper. By the time we got to the bedrooms we were pretty tired of stripping wallpaper. We decided not to. I know, I know!! Bad, bad, bad....but we had stripped so much wallpaper, we were starting to feel like archeologists.

On the bedrooms we sanded the seams and painted on a sealer. The sealer was a lot like watered down Elmer's Glue and smelled a lot like good old Formula 409 spray my mom used to use to clean. It didn't take long to feel really, really high in a small space while painting on the sealer.

After the sealer dried, we didn't go straight to painting as you would think. We decided to spray texture the walls in the house. I was pretty apprehensive about the spray texture. I was afraid it might look like cheap mobile home paneling or something. Bob's parents had their bathroom textured, so I looked at theirs, liked it and we said 'Go for it.'

Bob's brother had just textured his whole house, he had the equipment, so he did our too. HUGE THANK YOU!!!!

When he started spraying, it wasn't completely covering the wallpaper. It wasn't looking anything like his parents' bathroom. I had a minor panic attack. Or maybe a mid-minor panic attack. The doubt was setting in that we had done the wrong thing. Here's what I was looking at:

You can see through that, right? You can see why there was mild panic? And it wasn't just one room, we were doing this to the entire main floor.

But I trusted Mike when he said it would turn out great after we painted, so we soldiered on.

I am so glad we trusted him.

Here's the Jungle Room, after:

Wow - right? So clean, not a hint of crazy Jungle wallpaper anywhere.

I was just blown away by how good it looks. And I'll just say, I've been blown away a lot during this whole renovation.

So our whole main floor looks like this now. From this:

To this:

Again, blown away. (Ignore all the tape! The bathroom will get it's own separate entry later.)

More posts are coming - as I can fit them in between our work schedules. I see the end of this project soon. Then we're on to packing & moving...ugh.