Wednesday, February 29, 2012

525,600 Minutes...

I love having an epiphany, don't you?

It dawned on me this past weekend that it had been 1 year since my journey with cancer began.

One year. Wow.

Now, technically, I wasn't diagnosed until April 5th, but the surgery which triggered all of the events was on February 25, 2011. A surgery and day that made all the difference.

So, a year? How do you measure a year? If you were the cast of RENT, you would do it in song.
525,600 Minutes

If you're me, strictly referring to the cancer journey:
  • 4 Surgeries
  • 8 Chemo treatments
  • 30 Radiation treatments
  • Too many blood draws & doctors appointments to count
What I also find interesting about my year, is that I had this epiphany while traveling to a conference for young women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Exactly a year later.


The best number was the smallest:
  • 1 more birthday for everyone I love.

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